I am going to be trying out some of the Daily Prompt blog prompts this year as well. Just to get my writing better and on a more consistent habit.

I know my family and friends will all fall out of their chairs when they read that I am even thinking of writing a book. I know there are tons of books already out there from grieving parents about every way a child could pass, but maybe my story is a little different and has a different perspective than all the others and if it helps one person besides me and I can get someone to publish it, then I have achieved my goal. Continue reading “Float”

Life Changes, Carrying On, Making New Memories….

I haven’t really posted consistently in the last several weeks. We have had a multitude of things going on around us. Since we live in New Orleans and Million Dollar Brother and Baby Sis live in Lubbock, we travel a lot to see them on the field at the football games. It is 14 hours one way so by the time we get back to the house we are beat.

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How I Re-entered The World With My New Normal

As I have said in previous posts, I had just moved to New Orleans to take a new job at a company in the downtown area. I am the type of person who feels that when you start a new job you shouldn’t be taking extended time off unless it was planned when you were hired on. I know this is a totally different situation than taking a vacation or having an elective medical procedure that takes you out of the office, ┬ábut I still felt I needed to get back to New Orleans.

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