Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who morn, for they will be comforted – What does that really mean to you?

I was reading another blogger’s blog today that he wrote about a specific verse in the bible. He gave me a whole new meaning to the verse he stated in his post. Below is what he wrote. Please go check out Rogers blog that I have put a link to here: Continue reading “Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who morn, for they will be comforted – What does that really mean to you?”

Daily Prompt: SOMEDAY

Daily Prompt: Someday

Lots of ideas on what to write about this prompt….

I could make a list of the things I want to accomplish – Someday like:

  • Visit England
  • Visit Australia
  • Write a Book (in the process of talking about doing this now)
  • Retirement (not possible with day and age but a girl can dream)
  • Vacation in Red River New Mexico where my husband and I honeymooned
  • Been with my son in Heaven and wrap my arms around him tightly

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I am going to be trying out some of the Daily Prompt blog prompts this year as well. Just to get my writing better and on a more consistent habit.

I know my family and friends will all fall out of their chairs when they read that I am even thinking of writing a book. I know there are tons of books already out there from grieving parents about every way a child could pass, but maybe my story is a little different and has a different perspective than all the others and if it helps one person besides me and I can get someone to publish it, then I have achieved my goal. Continue reading “Float”

Well Into the New Year….

As I started this new year, I promised myself that I was going to be more proactive about a lot of things. Included below are a handful of what I promised myself:

  • a budget for my family that we are going to stick to
  • writing/reading the scripture every day (I have a plan to follow to keep me on track)
  • working through a wonderful bible study that Kathleen Duncan and her husband have put together regarding Grief
  • Seeing the joy in my life not just my loss
  • Live in the today, not in what could have been

These are just a few of the things on my list of reminders (I refuse to use the word resolution because I never accomplish those and I am determined to accomplish these). Continue reading “Well Into the New Year….”

Some Things I Have Learned Along Grief’s Narrow Road

In this journey through grief, I have learned a few things. Some about myself, some about others around me, some about my kids, and some about life in general. I wanted to share some of those with you. Let me start off by saying if I offend you with this post, I am not going to apologize for it. This is for me to write my feelings out. If you are offended or get offended easily, don’t read it. I don’t expect everyone to travel the same road that I do all the time and I sure don’t expect you to all agree with me all the time.

First, you find out who your true friends and family are. The ones that no matter what time or day, you can call them no matter what and they will pick up and listen to you. (Although I have not used the multiple people who have told me I have this available to me). These are what you call true friends even when they have no idea what you are going through they are still willing to stand by you and help yo through.

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